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The Farm

We have a mixed farm for breading of beef cows, sheep and a rare bread of Irish Draught horse. There are hens and roosters, geese, ducks and a donkey living on the farm.
The hens provide us with free range eggs that we can have for breakfast every morning.
Captain, our shepherd dog is trained to round up the sheep with us. Pat bought two new dogs to train: Nollaig, the setter and Barney, the sheep dog.


We cut our own turf and timber for energy and heat and our water source is a well on the farm.

Every day all our animals need to be looked at to see if they are feeding and feeling well. You can join us looking after the animals and learn about traditional farming. Participate in our nature works through the fields which consist of a three thousand year old ring ford and the ruins of a four hundred years old mansion and a little fishing pond.DSC_5044